Product Review – Pretty Pushers Delivery Gown

By Ashley Devonish | Category: It Worked 4 Me, Meet the mom inventor, New Products, Products, Surprize Me!, The Journey of Motherhood | Posted Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I am very excited to do this product review. I saw on Kourtney Kardashian’s blog that this item is one of the things she packed in her hospital bag to deliver Penelope (don’t judge me, I like mindless TV sometimes). I also heard that it was featured on Tia & Tamara’s reality show and was seen on Kim Zolciak from Housewives of Atlanta. So I knew I had to find them and see what the fuss was about.



Mary Apple, the mom who invented this product, wanted to deliver her child in something soft yet more stylish than just the normal hospital delivery gown. So Mary decided to sew her own gown and everyone at the hospital loved it so much that she decided to start selling them.


Here is Mary in her Pretty Pushers gown right before the delivery of her child.


We just received this product at Mom 4 Life so I thought it would important to do a product review so all of you could learn more about it. They are selling on our site for $29.00 with free shipping and come in Black, Green and Pink. One size fits all. The first thing I notice when I hold the Pretty Pushers Gown is how soft it is. The material is a soft, jersey material and 100% cotton. And the green and pink colors are so vibrant and fun. LOVE THOSE!


And the outer packaging is recycled, recyclable, and PVC-free. Its also made in the USA. :-)


I also love the fact that its one size fits all. Especially when you are pregnant, you don’t want to think about what size to order. The packaging states that it is disposable but you could wash it if you chose to. I think the fabric is thick enough that it would hold up well in the wash. (should you even want to keep it after delivery)

The style is a very cute v neck halter that ties around the neck. What I love most about this feature is that once you have your baby, it will be super easy to breastfeed. You could just pull the v neck down and easily nurse (as opposed to be totally exposed with a traditional hospital delivery gown). The gown also has a low v in the back designed for easy access for an epidural. And the front has several slits and openings so that any fetal monitoring can easily be done without removing the gown. Also since its a halter, your arms are exposed making it really easy for all the tubes and needles you get poked with during labor.

A little bonus feature that surprised me a lot was the hair tie. I never thought about needing that during labor but now that I have bangs, it would be perfect to swoop them back. The hair tie is a simple band that you can tie around the back of your head.


Overall, I think this would be a great gown to deliver a baby in. Its soft, comfortable and doesn’t make you feel frumpy. Its like having your baby in really cute, soft pajamas. Believe me you will have no shame taking post baby pictures in this gown. And don’t be surprised if all the nurses and doctors ask you where you got that gown!


I also think this would seriously be one of the cutest baby shower gifts! I have about three showers coming up in the next few months and this will definitely given to all three mommas to be :-)


I am not pregnant or I would have modeled this item myself! :-) How adorable do these ladies look?!?




Again, they are $29.00 with free shipping, get them while they last! Click here!



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Weekly Special: The Parking Pal & Penalty Pal!

By parkingpal | Category: Meet the mom inventor, Mom 4 Life News & Giveaways, New Products | Posted Thursday, January 10, 2013

Read below to find out how to get a free Penalty Pal in addition to 20% off the Parking Pal as well as the Penalty Pal!

Hi, my name is Denise and I’m a mom to 3 boys ages 11, 9, and 7. I stay busy homeschooling the boys and work part time as an RN in Maternity. I spent most of 2011 fighting breast cancer. I am now cancer free and feeling great. About 6 years ago I invented a product called the Parking Pal. After having my 3rd child, I found myself sounding like a broken record in parking lots. I was constantly telling the older boys to “stay by the car” while I was getting the baby in or out. I new there had to be a better way to keep kids from wandering away from the vehicle. The idea of the Parking Pal came to me…and after developing our first prototype, I couldn’t believe how well it worked!

There is no other product like the Parking Pal on the market. But what is really amazing, is how well it works. Even parents with difficult kids who didn’t think it would work, have been amazed with how well their kids use it. It definitely makes running errands with kids much less stressful!

Not too long ago Heather and I created a video about my product, I invite you to view the Parking Pal review video here.

We are happy to have recently released another product called the Penalty Pal. The Penalty Pal is a removable wall decal used for time-out spots. In the short time it has been on the market, we have gotten some wonderful reviews! We hope to release several new products within the next few years.

We have been so blessed through our business that we feel it is really important to give back. Since both my mom (business partner) and I have had breast cancer, we donate to a local breast cancer fund. It helps other women going through the same things we did. I hope and pray that someday soon there will be a cure for cancer!

Parking Pal Magnetic Hand Print for the Car

$9.50, for one week only $7.60 with free shipping as always!

Penalty Pal Wall Adhesives

$7.99, for one week only $6.39 with free shipping as always!

We have two Penalty Pals to giveaway! So the first two orders for a Parking Pal that mention this blog post, will receive a free Penalty Pal in their order! Hurry!

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Meet the Mother-Daughter Inventor Team Behind Sprout Shell!

By sproutshell | Category: Meet the mom inventor, Surprize Me! | Posted Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hi! I’m Kirsten, one of the moms behind Sprout Shell. I’m married and have two little ones and another on the way. We live in the San Francisco Bay area and enjoy the great weather and beautiful landscapes. I’m often asked how Sprout Shell got started. It’s a bit of a long story,  but a good one I think.

When my mom, Sheri, gave birth to my little sister in the fall of 1998, she realized the weather would soon be turning cold and she would be forced yet again to cover the infant carrier with a blanket whenever she stepped outside. Like every mom on-the-go, she was quickly reminded of how difficult it is to keep a blanket draped over the carrier handle while trying to prevent it from flying away and exposing her baby to the elements. She was also reluctant to suffocate her daughter under multiple blankets. After searching every baby store for a solution, but finding nothing that worked like she wanted, she made a cover of her own – one that fit all the way around the infant seat with elastic in the bottom to hold it in place, plus a hole in the top for the handle to fit through so her hand wouldn’t slip, and and opening so she could see her baby inside its tent-like enclosure.

Years passed, and she was continually amazed that no one had the same idea she did. Then  it all really began in 2008, when I was about to have my first baby. I asked her to make me one of her covers.  We’d still never seen anything like it, and we got frustrated every time we saw someone using a blanket to cover their infant carrier. We were convinced the world was in serious need of a truly functional infant carrier cover, and Sprout Shell was born.

It is designed with both baby and mom in mind. The difference between the Sprout Shell and anything else on the market is the over-the-handle design that creates an enclosure for the baby, protecting its entire body from the elements. It also allows access to the carrier handle so there is no slipping, and the elastic makes attaching or removing the cover quick and easy! The stylish and diverse fabric choices make using Sprout Shell fun and fashionable for both mom and dad. Plus, moms can use it for a nursing cover, shopping cart cover and high chair cover, so they save a lot of money over buying each product individually.

It has definitely been an adventure so far! We knew nothing about running a business when we started and have learned everything as we went along. Sometimes it’s a little crazy being moms, plus wearing all the hats of a business owner too. But we have a lot of fun, and we love interacting with our customers.

We love getting input from moms on what would make it better, so over the years we’ve made it bigger and added a pocket for on-the-go essentials. We also enjoy getting in touch with hospitals and the parents of babies that need extra protection. It’s rewarding being able to give them something that helps keep their vulnerable babies safe from the elements and germs outside the hospital.

Sprout Shell 3 in 1 Chic Infant Carrier Covers

$45.00 + free shipping (as always)!

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Meet Elisa, Undercover Mama Inventor!

By undercovermama | Category: Meet the mom inventor | Posted Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Name is Elisa and I am the founder of Undercover Mama. I have five beautiful daughters ages 8 months to 12 years and one wonderful son age 5. We live in a fairly small town in Utah at the base of a mountain. I homeschool my children and love the flexibility and time together that it affords us.
I came up with the idea for the Undercover Mama shortly after the birth of my fourth baby. I breastfed all my babies and felt I should have been a pro by then, but still found myself struggling awkwardly in public, with a squirming, loud, impatient newborn. I couldn’t afford a whole wardrobe of nursing shirts and just wanted to return to my regular wardrobe. What made me uncomfortable was the thought of my sides and belly showing when I lifted my shirt to nurse. I tried various undershirts with slits and holes, but they all made it very awkward to get my bra open and closed.

Then the idea just came to me. I wanted an undershirt that attached directly to my nursing bra and required no extra layers to dig through in order to breastfeed. I sewed prototypes myself and did a lot of research and testing. After very positive responses, I decided to go for it and made it a goal to launch before my baby’s first birthday. I just reached that goal, launching the business the day before he turned one.

Undercover Mama just had its fourth birthday and it has been an exciting adventure. It took a lot of sacrifice without anything in return before I could see the payoff of all that hard work. I was very strapped for cash at the time and was able to launch with less than $1,000. This meant that I learned how to do everything or found help through the skills of family and friends.

I found out I was expecting another baby just weeks after launching and it was a very difficult pregnancy from start to finish. This made it hard to do anything but the basics, but the word about Undercover Mama continued to spread on its own.  I knew I was onto a great thing.  However, I also knew that my family would always come first and if I really wanted to see my business grow, I needed to find the right partner to assist me. It was hard to accept that I just couldn’t do it all! I am so grateful for finding my business partner Elena! Together we have made Undercover Mama so much more than I could have alone without sacrificing the things that are the most important to me.

We feel we have been so blessed and love giving back, especially to charities that benefit women and children. Last year we donated to micro-funds that help women entrepreneurs in third world countries to start and grow their business. This year we chose a wonderful children’s hospital to give to, so all who have the need may receive the care they need.

I am so grateful for all the mamas out there who continue to spread the word about Undercover Mama and feel very honored to know I have been a part of making so many mom’s breastfeeding experience better!

Undercover Mama Poster

Undercover Mama, Make ANY Shirt a Nursing Shirt

$24.99 for one/ $19.99 each for two or more!

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Pregnancy Piercings Flexible Belly Button Rings For Pregnant Women

By pregnancypiercings | Category: Meet the mom inventor | Posted Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Moms are sooooo creative.  I’m continually amazed by the unique and useful products that they invent. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing a handful of creative mothers to you so they can tell you about what they have created.  Feel free to post questions that you might have for these mothers or simply stand in amazement along side me:)!  The first mom inventor that I wish to introduce you to is Denée and her product is quite simply like no other.  I discovered it when I was pregnant for the first time and after using it myself wanted to offer it to other moms.  If you are curious to see exactly how it works, I invite you to watch the Pregnancy Piercing YouTube demonstration that I created.

Hi I’m Denée and I invented Pregnancy Piercings to help pregnant women who have made the decision to keep their navel piercing throughout pregnancy. At 20 weeks pregnant it became evident to me that I could no longer keep my stainless steel navel jewelry. I would have to find a product that was long enough and flexible enough to hold my piercing throughout each stage of my expanding belly.

Finally, after much time and research, I came across a material that would meet my needs. With much encouragement and support from friends and family, I began my journey in making this product readily available to all. I now have a two beautiful children – wonderful success story!

I feel my product is the best thing on the web or anywhere for women who would rather keep their piercing than get re-pierced or live with a piercing scar.

Denée Forbes / Owner & Mom
Pregnancy Piercings

Order Pregnancy Piercings here!

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