DIY craft project: Make a Family Scrabble Board

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This fun and easy art project was inspired by Angela (our amazing customer service assistant at Mom 4 Life).  The last time I was at her house, I noticed a customized Scrabble board hanging on her wall.  It was filled with words like “Hope”, “Pray” and “Believe”.  These are words that speak to them as a family and help describe things they want to strive toward.

(click on any of the images below to see them in a larger size)

I loved this idea of customizing a Scrabble board in a way that is personal to your family.  Angela told me that she also recently made one as a gift for her brother and sister-in-law as a wedding gift and sent me a photo of it.  This board lists fun things that were special to her brother and sister-in-law as a couple such as “Horses”, Broncos” and “Novel”.  Isn’t that a creative and personal gift?

I really love to write but to be totally honest I am not a fan of the game of Scrabble.  In fact, my computer spell checker is my BFF.  I simply am not a very confident speller.  The last time I played the game of Scrabble was with Hunter when I was pregnant with Sawyer.  We took a photo of the board when we finished because we were both pretty proud of ourselves.  You can see it here:

I am pretty sure that may be the first and only time I have even cracked open my Scrabble board game and knowing how I dislike spelling, it was not likely to be used again anytime soon.  I decided that it would more fun to turn the board into a craft that we can enjoy on the wall rather than sitting all alone in our game closet.  Here is how I made mine:


-Scrabble board, letters and one wood letter tray (you can often find these at yard sales or thrift stores for less than $2.00)
-wood glue
-frame (optional)

I started by asking Trent and the older kids each for 2 words that come to mind when they think of our family.  I wrote these down and added two of my own.

Then I began working on intersecting these words with the Scrabble tiles.

Once I had them arranged in the way I liked, I glued them down with wood glue.

Finally, I put our last name on one of the letter trays and glued it down as well.  After letting the tiles fully dry, I mounted the board inside my frame.  I mentioned this frame in a previous post.  It is actually for 12×12 scrapbook layouts, but it works nicely for this purpose too.  The framing is potentially the most difficult part of this project because the size of the game board isn’t really a “standard” size for frames plus the 3D nature works better for shadow box frames or frames without glass.  Angela had her Scrabble board cut down to a size that would fit in a frame and left out the glass, so that is also an option.

The thing that I like about this project is that it is flexible.  You can make it a fun fit for your family in a number of ways.  Below are just a few more ideas on where you could go with this:

-Intersect all the first names in your family (I was going to do this at first but was having a really hard time getting our names to all intersect in a way that would work).
-List family favorites (foods, hobbies, books, sports teams, etc).
-List one word goals that you have for your family.

What do you think?  Is this a project you could have fun with?  How will you personalize your board?

And just a warning, I have been bit by a crafting bug. . . be on the lookout for more craft posts coming down the line.

Heather Ledeboer

I am a Christian, wife, mom and the original founder of Mom 4 Life. Now that Ashley owns Mom 4 Life, I am focusing my energies in homeschooling and asking God to use me in other areas.

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Posted Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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