How to: Homemade drain cleaner

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This tip was shared by Mom 4 Life Jessica Allen, thanks Jessica!

Hey Heather,

I was looking through your blog at your Going Green household cleaners. I am working on eliminating harmful chemicals in my house too!  I have been using your glass cleaner and “comet” scrub and love them both.  In fact I use the vinegar water for everything!  I wanted to share another homemade cleaner with you and you may want to share it with your readers too. It is drain cleaner and super easy.

You pour some baking soda down your drain then some white vinegar and cover the drain if possible.  Let that sit for a few minutes then rinse with HOT water.  Ta Da! You have a clean drain. I add a few drops Tea tree oil before rising and then a splash of lemon juice after for a nice clean smell.

Jessica Allen

Heather Ledeboer

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Posted Monday, June 14, 2010

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  1. [...] As warped as it may sound, I was a little bit excited the following day when Ashlyn had a paper cut and I was able to administer some love in the form of Colloidal Silver Salve and a band-aid.  Since that time I have also utilized the Aloe Vera, Activated Charcoal, Borax 30C and Emu Oil.  I will also note that the very first homeopathic remedy that I tried after becoming a mom was Borax 30C for the treatment of thrush in Ashlyn’s mouth when she was a toddler.  If you have dealt with thrush, you know how difficult thrush can be to get rid of.  Hunter had it when he was still nursing and we visited the dr. on more than one occasion in an attempt to treat it.  It took weeks to heal and I was in so much personal pain each time we nursed (since we were passing it back and forth to each other) that I tried to wean him.  He was not interested in weaning however, so I pushed through the pain and eventually we beat the thrush.  Because of this prior experience, I had very low expectations for the effectiveness of the tiny white dissolvable round tablets found in my Borax 30C bottle.  However, after taking them for just a few days and seeing all her symptoms disappear, I was a believer.  We have continued to keep Borax 30C on hand for any mouth sores and I remain a believer in its effectiveness.  Please note that the homeopathic Borax 30C found at your health food store is NOT the same as the Borax you may purchase in the laundry soap issue at your grocery store and use as an ingredient for homemade cleaning solutions (such as homemade Comet)! [...]

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  3. I clean my drain with hot water, baking soda and white vinegar. I make a mixture of these products and just pour it into the drain. You should definitely try it! Biggin Hill Carpet Cleaners Ltd.


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