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UPDATE: I first posted this info below on August 4th.  Since then, Kids Eat For has come out with an awesome new app for iPhones.  The cost is just $3.99 (which will totally pay for itself the first time you use it).  I have it and it is awesome.  I love how it shows you which days of the week the deals apply along with providing the directions to the restaurant and contact info.  Check it out on their website and see all the great features!

Ok I have to say, the Kids Eat For website is a smart idea!  This web site is a collection of restaurants across the United States that have deals for kids and kids eat free or for a discounted price.  When I checked out the site I saw that there are some areas of the country that they have a lot of restaurant information while others do not yet have as much.  However, they have a place for you to add in a new deal so over time their database will get bigger (especially if we all help out).  Check it out!

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Posted Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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  1. how cool! thanks, the links not coming up now but i think its just my internet connection. :) btw congrats on Quinten, beautiful! (btw we’re preggo now!)


  2. That IS cool. I had no idea so many places actually had deals like that. I certainly didn’t think it was widespread enough to warrant a site about all the places with their deals.


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