Stoplight Golight Timer Sale!!

By Ashley Devonish | Category: Super Sales

Congratulations to Jennifer Roby, winners of last week’s Stoplight Golight Timer!

Stoplight Golight Timer  20% off this week!

$27.96    $34.95

Let the Stoplight Golight® Timer help you manage:

  •  Bed times/Wake times
  • Nap times
  • Brushing teeth
  • Timeouts
  • Reading
  • Practicing an instrument
  • Getting read for school
  • Video game/Computer
  • TV time

The Stoplight Golight® Timer helps everyone manage time. The concept is easily related to everyone – even children as young as two.  Red light means stop and complete task, Green light means time is up and it’s time to Go! Simply set desired amount of time. Press Start, red light eliminates and time counts down. When time is up, red light off, green light on. It’s time to GO!

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Posted Thursday, December 13, 2012

2 Responses to “Stoplight Golight Timer Sale!!”

  1. Thank you Im so excited to get this. This will help my older daughter who is 5 know when she can be quiet or loud because I have a 7 month old at home. Also for eating dinner in a certain amount of time and especially at bedtime and waking up when she can get out of bed. Thank you again. It was a nice surprise before christmas.


  2. I haven’t seen Adrianne since she was super little. What a buaetiful girl she is (just like her mama)! You have such a buaetiful family. And Stacey is a great photographer. I wish she could do photos of my little guy. That photo of all of you at your dad’s headstone is amazing. It gave me chills. Love you!Michelle Clark


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